There’s more to life than Spam. Manabu and Fumiyo Asaoka offer a rainbow of gourmet musubi.

photo: mike mcgill



Editors' Pick

Mana Bu’s opened just this past May, but it’s already turned into a local foodie phenomenon, the kind of place that routinely has 20 or more people in line when it opens at 10:30 a.m., and sells out its stock of hand-made treats within an hour. With a mouthwatering selection of musubi that includes such flavors as shiso and wakame (an edible kelp), veggie curry pilaf and baked salmon, it’s hard not to fill your little shopping basket with one of everything. Owners Manabu and Fumiyo Asaoka get up at midnight to prepare the next day’s batch, but Manabu insists there’s nothing special about his musubi. “We list all the ingredients, because we want to advise our customers that it’s not so hard to make. We just use simple ingredients, nothing secret.

You could make it yourself.” Thanks, but we’d rather wait in line. 1618 S. King St., 358-0287.