Thirtyninehotel’s Christian Self raids Chinatown for fresh ingredients to make tasty cocktails.

photo: mike mcgill


Editors’ Pick

Christian Self, bar manager at thirty-ninehotel, doesn’t actually like to be called a mixologist. He prefers the term “bar chef,” a designation that makes sense once you check out his menu of gourmet cocktails. The Rose Petal, with pomegranate and European rose essence. The Thai Me Up, with basil, ginger and lemongrass. The Strawberry Fields, with strawberry, passionfruit and guava.“I try to get a lot of my ingredients locally, because we’re surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce here in Chinatown,” he says. Self revamps his drink menu quarterly, and is always concocting new recipes. “People will come in and say, ‘make me something delicious,’ and I’ll make them my newest thing,” he says. “It’s a test audience to experiment on.” 599-2552, 39 Hotel St., www.thirtyninehotel.com.