Freshest Fruit

photo: michael keany




Editors’ Pick

Buying fruit at the grocery store? Boooring. At least it is once you’ve picked custard apples and pomegranates direct from the tree at Frankie’s Nursery. Scattered across the Waim-analo property are more than 400 species of tropical and subtropical fruit trees—ranging from staples such as avocado and guava to more exotic varieties you may never have heard of: mafai, wax jambu, black sapote. Simply drive up to the nursery, and you’ll be armed with a fruit picker and a few plastic bags and set loose to forage for whatever happens to be in season (this month, for example, you should be able to find ripe star apples and sapodillas). At the end, just pay for the stuff in your bag. “We get people who bring their kids so they can go picking for fun, and other people who come almost every week just to get fresh fruit,” says Lynn Tsuruda, who owns the nursery along with Frank Sekiya.

If you discover a favorite new fruit, you can even buy a tree to grow in your own backyard. Open almost every day from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., call for hours. 41-999 Mahiku Place, Waimanalo, 259-8737,