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photo: david croxford


Editors’ Pick

The New York and New Jersey natives in our office confirm: This Is It’s bagels are the closest thing to the chewy NYC ideal that they’ve been able to find in Honolulu. Steve and Mona Gelson have been in the bagel business since 1978, when they opened up Hawaiian Bagel. Today, they crank out 10 varieties of bagels, still boiled and baked on boards the old-fashioned way, as well as sandwiches, salads and probably Hawaii’s only bialy. Steve says good bagels are all about the basics. “We use the best ingredients we can find, and our hearts are in it, which really makes the product better,” he says. 443 Cooke St., 597-1017; 1001 Bishop St #102, 526-2280.




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Mar 5, 2009 04:51 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

It's hard for me to believe that your editor chose this bagel shop because real NY style bagels can be found at Lox of Bagels on Sand Island Access Rd. If this is the closest thing to the chewy NYC bagel, then Lox of Bagels bagel "is" exactly the chewy NYC bagel that you may be looking for. Perhaps you are not aware that Lox of Bagels exists and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised to find the greatest bagels in Hawaii there. They also have great bagel sandwiches, bagel puffs, bagel danish, bagel dogs and bagel chips, to name a few bagel offerings. I would suggest the editor visit Lox of Bagels in order to make a true comparison of NYC bagels in Hawaii.

Mar 5, 2009 05:05 pm
 Posted by  Da bomb

Hi, I'm a loyal customer of a shop called Lox of Bagels and they have the original NY style bagel - perhaps the best in the entire State of Hawaii. I have tasted This is It bagels and it leaves a lot to be desired. If you compare the chicken salad sandwich, well, it doesn't even compare. Lox of Bagels' Chicken Salad Sandwich is spectacular. Also, Lox of Bagels has over 20 varieties of fresh baked bagels and occassionally, seasonal bagels. I'm hoping the editor just doesn't know about Lox of Bagels but should look into it and I am 100% sure he/she will choose their bagels as the best in Hawaii!

Mar 5, 2009 05:21 pm
 Posted by  Honolulu Honey

This editor must be from Hilo 'cause I don't think he knows what a NY bagel is all about! In my opinion, bagels from Lox of Bagels on Sand Island Access Rd. are true NY style bagels - they're the real deal. Many of their customers are from New York and they say Lox of Bagels bagels are the best! There is nothing in the State of Hawaii that comes close to their Manhattan Delight - mouth watering fresh salmon w/cream cheese, onions and capers on any of their toasted bagels is to die for. Check them out before writing a review on bagels in Hawaii (shame on you). Thank you.

May 2, 2009 03:29 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Hi, I just saw your pick for best bagel online. Have you ever gone to this bagel shop on Sand Island Access Rd. called Lox of Bagels? I have my breakfast bagel there pretty much every day and I'm telling you, they have the best NYC style bagels in Hawaii. Try it and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

May 3, 2009 12:51 am
 Posted by  ScottyMac

Hi, I came across this review of bagels. I've tasted This is it bagels and found it to be a little hard. Then I found this great little place on Sand Island called Lox of Bagels and it is the New York style bagel I'm used to. Those bagels on their deli sandwiches are out of this world! Great staff too. Friendly, always smiling and fast with preparing my bagel. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.

May 3, 2009 01:31 am
 Posted by  Salmon Roe

I go to Lox of Bagels every morning for my breakfast bagel. It's a bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich (on my choice of bagel - 20 flavors, yikes!). They're on Sand Island along this strip mall where West Marine is at. Check it out. If you love bagels, this is the place. Aloha!

May 4, 2009 03:45 am
 Posted by

Hi, yeah, This is it makes "ok" bagels but you should try Lox of Bagels on Sand Island. As editor, you should have known about Lox of Bagels before you make a "best bagel" decision. Clearly, Lox of Bagels offers great bagels and much better bagels than This is it. I believe once you taste their bagels, you will definitely choose their bagels as the best in Hawaii. Lox of Bagel cranks out 20 flavors with specialty on certain occassions. Their deli style chicken salad bagel sandwich and the famous Manhattan (fresh smoked salmon with cream cheese) blows away what This is it has to offer! Go check them out. My favorite is their peanut butter & cream cheese bagel puff - it's the best bagel dessert I have ever tasted.

May 4, 2009 03:52 am
 Posted by  Masami I.

I am a customer from Topkyo, Japan and I stopped by the Lox of Bagel on my way from the airport to my friends place. I don't know if you guys are familiar with bagel sandwich very much, but in Tokyo there are many competition with a lot of different bagel shops.

When I had their pastrami sandwich with pastrami, melted chedder cheese with everything. Woooo! I was shocked that this was the best bagel in the world!!!

Thanks for Lox of Bagels for waking me up for the very best of all!!!

I even lived in Boston and NY, however this bagel sandwich was the best of all like I told you. I really would like to try classic Manhattan delight next time and am sure on my way back home, I would bring back these bagels as many as I can!!!


Aug 6, 2012 10:05 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I'm confident all of this feedback is a "put-up" by LOX of bagels.

I was just there, I drove an hour from the North Shore to get my NY bagel fix... I paid no less than $15.80 for a dozen bagels, ($8 in NYC. Is flour really THAT much more expensive here?)

And they SUCK. They don't even BOIL their bagels for goodness sakes. They are soft and "CAKEY"... I will be headed over to this place to try them out, but if they are BOILED it's at least a GOOD START!?!?

You people don't have a clue what "NY style" anything is... I've yet to get a decent pizza on this island...

Everyone says "Go to Papa Johns"... SERIOUSLY????

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