Way to Run a First Marathon

photo: istock


Editors’ Pick

A lot of people have “run a marathon” on their bucket list. Many of them, though, have no idea how to prepare for running 26.22 miles. Brian Clarke can help. He’s been training runners for the Honolulu Marathon for 30 years, ramping up their fitness level over the course of five months, and teaching them everything they need to know about proper nutrition, running form, pacing, even how to properly fit a pair of running shoes. “Everything we do, we do in groups,” Clarke explains. “People need to be able to train at a level that they can handle, so I assign everyone to a group that they can keep up with.” The fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve finished the marathon, Clarke teaches a wide variety of other programs, including triathlon and trail running. 737-4340, www.bcendurancetrainings.com.