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photos: david croxford



Editors’ Pick

Golfers looking for the Holy Grail (i.e. the club that will transform them into the next Tiger Woods) beat a path to Roots & Relics. At the door, they’re greeted by owner Keith Tanaka, a former state deputy attorney general and self-confessed pack rat. Inside, you might see pros like David Ishii. And, yes, you will find the latest, greatest gear here. But Roots & Relics is akin to a good bookstore where you know treasures are waiting. There are used clubs selling for, “I dunno, a dollar?” Tanaka suggests, up to a $10,000 replica of the putter used by Tiger Woods to win the ’97 Masters Invitational at Newport. Happy golfers clatter through the wall-to-wall racks of clubs, watched over by Tanaka’s collection of memorabilia, which lines the shelves around the ceiling. Staff will point out a particular hole-in-one trophy from the legendary Bobby Jones. That’s real golfing lore. 249 Merchant St., 538-331