Little Museum You Haven't Been to Yet

Photo: Michael Keany

Editors’ Pick

photo: michael keany

Honolulu is home to a great assortment of museums, but if you’re any fan at all of art, history or culture, you’ve probably visited most of them already, multiple times. You may not have checked out the Pacific Aviation Museum, though, located in the recently renovated Hangar 37 on Ford Island. It’s relatively small, as museums go, but the heart of the collection is a roundup of real World War II-era airplanes that bring history alive: a Japanese Zero, a P-40 fighter plane, an SBD Dauntless dive bomber, a Grumman Wildcat and the actual Stearman N2S-3 in which former President H.W. Bush flew during his military stint. Pair the Aviation Museum with tours of the USS Bowfin submarine and the Battleship Missouri Memorial, and you’ve got a solid afternoon of new-to-you museum enjoyment. Purchase tickets online, or at the USS Bowfin ticket office.