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9 Hawaii Artists to Collect

Anyone looking to start or expand an art collection can book a flight to New York or Tokyo and buy something beautiful. But what if you’d rather spend that money supporting local artists whose work will resonate more with your Island lifestyle? On the following pages is a round-up of some of Hawaii’s most bankable contemporary artists, whose work will grace your walls without breaking your budget. Everyone on this list sells museum-quality artwork starting well under $2,500.


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The Artist.




BORN: Honolulu LIVES: Kaimuki CURRENTLY: Assistant director, Honolulu Academy Art Center. Paper-based drawings, paintings and installations constructed from ephemera for $250 to $750. www.bradleycapello.com


If the saccharine-sweet, post-Pop, TXXXT-MSG-OMG!!! glamazons needed someone to brand their look for their latest Generation-Y fall fashion extravaganza, they would surely choose Bradley Capello. Part queer porn-shoot, part LSD and all spectacle, there’s not much going on around town that’s edgier than Capello’s collages, installations and designs. These affordable pieces look best in fetishistic displays of multiple artworks arranged as tongue-in-cheek shrines to rainbows, butterflies and sex.

Snake, 2006 Collage, $250. 




BORN: Los Angeles; LIVES: Omao, Kauai. CURRENTLY: Member, Kauai Society of Artists, Honolulu Printmakers; journeyman scenic artist, I.A.T.S.E. Paintings, drawings and prints from $200 to $20,000 available through Fine Art Associates, Honolulu, and TimeSpace, Kauai. www.cbennettpaint.com

Leash, 2007. 
10 3/4" x 10 3/4", oil, ink, graphite, enamel on wood. 

Carol Bennett says her world is one where life and art blend in a seamless continuum: “I don’t know where art ends and life begins.” Whether creating a monumentally sized mural for Nawiliwili Harbor or small-scale, intimate studies for her waterscapes, Bennett’s work is epic. Curators and collectors—including The Contemporary Museum and the Hawaii State Art Museum—appreciate her sensitivity to a variety of materials in creating images and surfaces that seduce the viewer. Her recent paintings use buoyancy to reveal a deep and meditative connection with the ocean’s flow of revitalizing energy.


BORN: Ann Arbor; LIVES: Aina Haina. CURRENTLY: Art and culture correspondent, Hawaii Public Radio. Encaustics, oils and charcoals from $200 to $10,000, available through Fine Art Associates and Cedar Street Galleries, Honolulu. www.noetanigawa.com

With her “whatever it takes” philosophy, Noe Tanigawa has carved out a niche in the local art scene not only as someone who produces beautiful things, but also brings others’ efforts in visual art, music, theater and film to the public as an award-winning journalist. That suave voice familiar to many via radio can also be found in her own art, which appears in collections including American Savings Bank and the W Hotel. Her process is rich with ancient and long-lasting materials and techniques like wax and gold leaf. Working with Buddhist imagery filtered through her Hawaiian upbringing, Tanigawa’s often symbolic pieces, whether of lotuses or octopi, present a joyous spirituality that echoes her understanding of the world as “awareness clothed in biology.”
He'e - Lovers leave their cave,
2007  charcoal on vellum, approx 12" x 12"

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