Best of Honolulu 2004 - Food


Joe Tramontano and Anthony Romano, owners of Antonio’s

Best Pizza

To determine the best pizza in town, we ordered almost all of them—14 to be precise. We picked up pizza pies from Ka-hala to Ma-punapuna and brought them all back to the office for a side-by-side comparison (aka a pizza party). We weren’t looking for newfangled pizzas with goat cheese, peanut sauce or caramelized pears. We wanted real pizza—tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheese piled atop a crispy crust. The results surprised us. Our top pick: Antonio’s New York Pizzeria. After cousins Joe Tramontano and Anthony Romano bought the restaurant about a year ago, they tweaked the original owner’s recipe. "We now make it the exact way they make it in New York," says Tramontano. "We import the flour and cheese and get vegetables delivered fresh daily. All of our meat is cut on a slicer here. This is food that’s fresh.” Antonio’s pizza looks unassuming, but it’s got a nice texture, lively sauce and plenty of cheese. The cousins’ secret? “It’s made by real Italians,” says Tramontano. 4120 Waialae Ave., Suite 109B. 737-3333,

Best Local Food

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Best of Honolulu 2004