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April Would Know





You may of course be wondering whatever happened to April Masini—the high-voltage blonde who with her now ex-husband, Al Masini, brought Baywatch to the Islands and were great friends of the Cayetano administration.

April’s current Web site credits her with “almost single-handedly increasing the state’s revenue in television and film production from $49 million in 1995 to a record $136 million in 2000”—although when contacted, April admitted that her ex-husband, producer of Entertainment Tonight and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, may have had a hand in that achievement.

After helping put together the deal that earned the film Blue Crush a tax credit under the now notorious Act 221, April left the state, trailing an as yet unresolved lawsuit against law firm Cades Schutte over other Act 221 deals.

April has found a new calling, as the Dear Abby of dating. She leads seminars and has just published a book, For Men Only: Date Out of Your League. It’s filled with a sexy cartoon April giving men advice, from keeping your fingernails clean to never wearing bikini underwear. There’s a nude photo of April on the back cover. “Because men are visual,” she said, when we asked.

Interestingly, the actual sex advice in the book is handled not by April, but by Honolulu sex therapist Dr. Diana Wiley. “Because I was afraid I’d turn purple with embarrassment if anyone asked me about that stuff on a talk show,” said April.

Despite relying on a pinch hitter for clutch situations, the book has led to an “Ask April” Web column on MillionaireMatch.com, CouplesCompany.com, VIPModel.com and MyNippon.com, not to mention her own Web site, highvoltageblonde.com.

Before leaving Hawaii, April was linked romantically to the Baywatch’s Kalai Miller and UH Football head coach June Jones. “Kalai and I spent a lot of time together but it was business,” she says. No, wait, that wasn’t our question. Was June Jones dating out of his league, as your book suggests? “No, no,” said April. “He’s a very nice man. We only went out like twice, it wasn’t anything like it was made out to be in the press.”

So how’s your love life now, we asked. “I hardly have any time for a life these days. I have all these seminars, workshops, my column and I’m getting so many questions from women, I am going to write a book for them, too. I am going to tell them to stop worrying about having a Prada bag and worry about what they wear to bed.”


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