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“Greening” the Gas Energy Supply for the People of Hawaii

The Gas Company (TGC) was founded in Honolulu in 1904. Today, after 107 years of continuous operation, we employ a workforce of more than 300 professionals, who are dedicated to providing clean, reliable and efficient gas service to residential, business and government customers throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

We produce synthetic natural gas (SNG) energy at our manufacturing plant in Oahu —the only facility of its kind in America. We use by-products of the petroleum refining process as the source of our SNG, which we deliver via 1,000 miles of pipeline to customers on Oahu. SNG is three times more efficient than other thermal energy sources. We also deliver propane gas to customers statewide.

Public stress on environmental quality and efficient use of energy resources is at a high point now, here in Hawaii and around the globe. In a precedent-setting move, Hawaii has set a goal to have 70% of the state’s energy come from renewable sources by 2030. The objective is to dramatically reduce reliance on imported oil to meet our energy needs. Our top priority now is to help Hawaii meet this target for increased renewable energy production. We intend to grow the renewable/sustainable portion of our gas to as much as 50% by 2015.

We are committed to playing a vital role in Hawaii’s clean energy future by using renewable sources, like domestic plant and animal oils, to “green” the gas energy stream, reduce our carbon footprint and the need for imported petroleum.

Our new BioGas plant, designed to operate side-by-side with our SNG manufacturing facility in Campbell Industrial Park, will begin, later this summer, to use clean, green, renewable feedstock to generate gas for our customers. Over time, growing gas streams from the BioGas plant will be blended with SNG to make our renewable energy goal a reality.

Finally, we are in the early stages of an initiative to deliver renewable hydrogen from our manufacturing process to power transportation and other fuel uses.

We are committed to advancing Hawaii’s clean energy future.

As the sponsor of this HONOLULU Magazine Living Green special section we invite you to join us in this commitment.

Jeffrey Kissel, President & CEO
The Gas Company of Hawaii