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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Picks for Your Numero Uno Dude

Because, without him, who would crack you up with terrible jokes?


The Day of the Dad is less than a week away and, while fathers tend to get the short end of the parent-days stick, this year, we’re determined to show our fave-dude-from-day-one that we appreciate him. How? With some extra-special shopping, of course. Here’s our list of goodies for spoiling Pops.


1. Wake-up call

Kona Coffee Purveyors

Photo: Courtesy of Kona Coffee Purveyors

He may run on Folgers day in and day out, but he deserves something a little more, uh, gourmet. These top-tier Kona Coffee Purveyors coffees come in three varieties, based on where the beans are grown: up high in the mountains, down near the sea or among the lush valley flora. Plus, the packaging is totally stunning.

$18–$32, Kona Coffee Purveyors, International Market Place.


2. Hot pop

Hot sauce

Photo: Safeway.com

The man loves his spicy food, and this local Raging Volcano hot sauce will be a mouthwatering addition to his collection. Habanero, garlic and cayenne come together for one seriously hot sauce that is not for the faint of heart—but is perfect for a brave, fire-breathing big guy.

$8.49, Safeway, 1235 S. Beretania St.


3. Edgy

Shaving kit

Photo: Courtesy of The Art of Shaving

With everything he’s got on his plate, Dad can let himself get a little wild at times. Understandable, but you can help him keep it in check by making shave-time a luxurious treat. The Art of Shaving’s handy little set comes with everything he needs: a genuine badger shaving brush, preshave oil, cream and an after-shave balm. Plus, the Ocean Kelp scent will make any water-loving dad feel right at home.

$110, The Art of Shaving, Ala Moana Center.


4. Talk it out

Phone case

Photo: Courtesy of Martin and MacArthur

Now that he’s discovered apps, games and the magic of commenting on your Facebook posts, you can’t get the guy off his phone. It’s definitely his favorite thing, so a little bling for it is a sure win. This uber-elegant koa wood cover is just the subtle dose of class that will make Dad feel like the coolest guy in the room when he whips out his phone—even if he’s playing Angry Birds on it.

$155, Martin and MacArthur, Ward Village Shops.


5. Fly guy

About the Goods shirt

Photo: Courtesy of About the Goods

He’s such a trooper, even when he’s getting dragged to Mom’s hourslong family reunions, but gussying him up in a cool-lookin’ shirt he loves is sure to get him feeling a little more enthused. Plus, everyone will be too busy staring at the chic, new duds to notice that strained look on his face. This stylin’, extra-roomy (all the better for that buffet) shirt from About the Goods will check all his boxes.

$120, About the Goods, 1145 Bethel St.


6. Makes ya drink

Sugarfina candy

Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina

So his hard-drinking days are over, but that doesn’t mean your pop isn’t still a sucker for a whiskey now and then, especially when it comes with a healthy dose of chocolate. These beautifully packaged Sugarfina treats are in the ideal dude flavors, Single-Malt Scotch Cordials, Bourbon Bears and Maple Bourbon Caramels, without putting him into a stupor.

$7.95–$8.95, Sugarfina, International Market Place.


7. All fin the family


Photo: Courtesy of Clips Hawai‘i

Dad does so much for you, so make sure that when he gets his “me” time, aka his daily surf sesh, he’s hitting the waves in style. Sleek new fins oughta do it, like these badass local imitation-woodgrain ones from Island Fin Designs, found at Clips Hawai‘i.

$72, Clips Hawai‘i, 822 Kāheka St.




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