2016 All-Island Restaurant Guide


The lunch grilled catch at Livestock Tavern, one of the best new dishes in town. 
Photo: Steve Czerniak

Hawai‘i’s Best New Dishes

Hawai‘i’s chefs are constantly creating tasty new inventions. In case it’s been awhile since you’ve eaten out, we rounded up some of the state’s best new culinary creations.



Classic Dishes that Just Won’t Quit

You know a dish is successful when diners won’t let a restaurant take it off the menu. We look at how some of Honolulu’s longest-lasting, most iconic dishes were created—and how they’ve endured.



Family Style

What are restaurant workers eating behind the scenes at the beginning or end of their shift? We take a peek into the kitchen to see what’s on the menu—whether it’s at Chef Mavro or Hunan Cuisine.


Beer and Wine Face Off! 

We tapped the experts in a battle of the boozes to find perfect food/drink pairings.



Up Your Instagram Food Game

If you’re going to shoot photos of your meal, make sure you’re making the most of your smartphone’s camera!



HONOLULU Magazine, June 2015