Late Night Dining in Hawaii

Eating at midnight or later isn’t just for party animals. A guide to late-night food that’s a step up from the same old ZipPacs.


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Artisan late night pizza? Put down the phone for Domino’s and head to V Lounge, which serves its Neopolitan-inspired pizzas even later than Domino’s delivers. Its slightly chewy, crisp-crust pizzas topped with prosciutto and arugula or anchovies marinated in chili pepper water befit a San Francisco or Brooklyn pizzeria, but after-hours V Lounge isn’t your neighborhood Italian restaurant—past midnight, the speaker volume gets cranked up, the club kids pour in, and the tatted and pierced bartenders start pouring more shots than Peroni.

If you slide in Friday or Saturday right before midnight, the ever-packed JJ Dolan’s offers New York-style pizzas including classic pepperoni and a white pie. But its latest specials are crazier than Pizza Hut’s cheesy crust pizza: a mac ‘n’ cheese plus ham pizza, and a four cheese pizza topped with crab and bacon.

Anytime Cafe, a Hong Kong-style cafe.


Perhaps Anytime Café should be renamed Anything Café. It’s a Hong Kong-style café; Cantonese dishes and Chinese interpretations of Western food share the menu, resulting in a list of 80 or so items from eggplant parmesan to spaghetti to burgers to jook. Our picks for late-night sustenance: the brisket tendon noodle soup, offering tender braised beef; toast with kaya, a spreadable coconut custard, a snack often eaten for breakfast in Singapore; and snow ice, which at Anytime Café tastes like ice cream and shave ice’s love child.

Past midnight, when Anytime Café closes, it’s like Cinderella’s coach turns into a pumpkin, for you’ll have to trade Anytime’s cute, cozy interior for fluorescent-lit, tables-packed-too-close Fook Yuen, the Cantonese seafood restaurant that most think of for family banquets rather than after-hours eating. But the late-night menu offers serious carb comfort in the form of jook and noodle soups, with most items less than $10.

From top, counterclockwise: Anytime Cafe’s beef tendon noodle soup, pork chop risotto and kaya toast, and mango snow ice.

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