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3-D Dentistry

The Dental CAT Scan machine gives me a three-dimensional view of the head and neck, compared to the two-dimensional traditional X-ray. This makes work on implants and other full-mouth rehabilitation procedures safer, more predictable and more aesthetically pleasing. 
Dr. Cecile Sebastian, who owns one of only five such scans in Hawaii and outsources its use to other healthcare professionals.

New Vision for Cataract Patients

Standard cataract surgery replacement has taken a giant high-tech leap forward with the new multifocal or accommodative lens for our cataract patients, which can correct not just their distance vision, but also reading vision and astigmatism. The good news is that insurance is now covering some of the cost of the procedure.  Dr. William Wong Jr. , Hawaii Vision Clinic, ophthalmologist with special training on the multifocal lens.

One-stop Dental Crowns

We have had excellent results with Cerec, the new one-stop crown, which uses computer-assisted design and manufacture in one visit. Patients now have no temporary crown and no two-week wait for the permanent one. Dr. Robert Baysa, Dental Arts LLC


What the experts say

  • Trust and rapport with your dentist are critical in today’s dental care. Teeth are part of a range of health indicators, including bite, muscles, nerves and joints, involving the head and neck. Pain in the mouth may indicate more than a problem with your teeth.—Dr. Cecile Sebastian, DDS

  • Sleep apnea may be caused by medical or organic factors and is a serious and even dangerous medical condition compared to insomnia, which is about not being able to sleep. Heavy snoring is a key indicator of sleep apnea and deprives the brain of oxygen. This can lead to strokes, increased obesity, uncontrollable hypertension and death. Dr. Gabriele Barthlen, sleep specialist and medical director, Sleep Center Hawaii 


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Who can participate?

Every day people can help test investigational medications by participating in clinical research studies. Covance Clinical Research Units conduct studies of investigational medications on behalf of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Conditions being studied may have relevance to you, a relative or a friend.  You can play a crucial role in developing the next generation’s healthcare solutions by testing tomorrow’s medicines today.

What’s involved in participating in a clinical study?

Some studies require one or more confinement periods at the research clinic and may require taking the study medication at home and/or multiple outpatient visits. The length of confinement periods and number of outpatient visits are dependent on the requirements of each study. Our clinic generally requires that you are at least 18 years of age. Covance, whose Honolulu office, located at One Waterfront Plaza, has conducted clinical research studies for nearly 20 years.


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