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Outdoor Adventures

Desk jockeys, put down that dry cleaning and get inspired by your friends and neighbors. They make the most of Hawaii's giant backyard—and they want to show us how.


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Parkour enthusiast Ozzi Quintero (left) laughs in the face of gravity.

Photo by Olivier Koning


Defy Gravity


If you’re looking  for adventure outdoors, it doesn’t get much simpler than parkour, which is essentially the art of getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, using only your own body. Running, jumping, climbing—seasoned practitioners can find thrills and challenges just about anywhere.

“We don’t think of it as a sport, but more of a concept, or a mindset,” says Ozzi Quintero, who runs a local parkour group called Urban Current. “Everywhere we go, we see a playground. Those aren’t walls and railings, they’re possibilities.” He says that just about anyone can get involved, but cautions that it’s easy to injure yourself without the proper conditioning and training. To find out more about parkour techniques and upcoming events, visit  www.hawaiipk.com.


Hunt on Niihau


One of the only ways to get to the 72-square-mile Forbidden Island is a hunting tour run out of Kauai. After getting dropped off by helicopter, hunters can stalk wild Polynesian boar, hybrid sheep and an occasional eland, barbary sheep or oryx, in a challenging “fair chase” hunt across Niihau’s rugged backcountry. Tours include a guide, skinning crew and lunch, but it’ll cost you—fees are $1,750 per person, not including hunting license or gun rental. 877-441-3500, www.niihau.us/safaris.html.

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