Island Treasures Antique Mall

Photos by David Croxford

Although Island Treasures Antique Mall relocated from its original three-story location to a small alcove behind the International Marketplace, the business is still going strong, says Elyse Navarro, who co-founded the business with her husband, Felix, in 1997. Its new 1,500-square-foot location feels more like a garage sale, packed wall to wall with 1970s Reyn Spooner shirts, Pan-Am Airline shoulder bags, Fire King Jade-Ite dinnerware, even a few Snoopy Shave Ice machines that once seemed ubiquitous in Island households. The reason for the store’s wide-ranging selection? It’s actually six mini stores, each run by a different collector with a different specialty.

2301 Kuhio Ave. #223, 922-8223,