Video: Historic Waikiki

Before Waikiki became a travel destination for millions around the globe, it was a haven for Hawaii monarchs, from Kamehameha the Great to Queen Liliuokalani. On this video tour, we’ll take you to some of Waikiki’s most historic locations.


This spot once served as a campsite for King Kamehameha during his campaign to conquer the Hawaiian Islands.


The building that houses the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is a piece of history in itself.

This small park in one of Waikiki’s busy intersections only hints at the tragedy-marred life of businessman Archibald Cleghorn, who married into Hawaiian royalty.

Despite its theme-park-like appearance, this shopping center stands on the grounds of King Kalakaua’s former Waikiki estate.

Narration adapted by A. Kam Napier from Waikiki Historic Trail Markers, by George S. Kanahele, with additional research drawn from, and The View from Diamond Head: Royal Residence to Urban Resort, by Don Hibbard, David Franzen (Editions, Ltd., 1995).

Produced by HONOLULU Magazine
Narrator: A. Kam Napier
Video Editors: David Croxford, Jayson Harper, Darin Isobe
Videographer: David Croxford
Coordinator: Ronna Bolante
Photos: HONOLULU Magazine, Paradise of the Pacific and courtesy of the Hawaii State Archives, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii.