Ala Wai Golf Course

Best Golf Course

Small wonder that the Ala Wai Golf Course took top honors in our reader’s poll; it’s one of the busiest courses in the nation, if not the world. In 2006, it hosted 159,931 games of golf, an average of 439 a day. Garrick Iwamuro, the City and County’s golf course systems administrator, says, “People like the central location, and it’s very well kept for a municipal course, especially considering the amount of play. It’s not a difficult course, but it is a fair one, for all skill levels.” The low prices don’t hurt its popularity—you can play a full 18 holes for as little as $12 with a Golf ID card.

404 Kapahulu Ave., Starter’s Office: 733-7387, Pro Shop: 739-1900.

ARCHIVED:  From our March 2007, Best of HONOLULU issue.