Yard House

Waikiki Beach Walk,  226 Lewers St.,923-9273

At Yardhouse, the fish entrees, like this seared ahi, come fairly plain.

Photo by Olivier Koning

I caught up with my friend, the Man About Town, sitting at the bar at Yard House, surrounded by highball glasses with about two ounces of beer in them. “No martini?” I asked.

“Martinis cost $10 here,” he said. “Besides, this place is all about beer, so I wanted to get with the program.”

I’ve heard from disappointed beer buffs that the Waikiki, Yard House has far fewer beers than the outlets in Southern California. I’ve also heard gratitude that Yard House has managed to get 30 or so beers imported to Hawaii that weren’t here before, at least not on tap.

I counted 104 beers on tap, which ought to quench almost anyone’s thirst. But for a place that tries to bring you the world of beer, Yard House has a curious attitude toward tasting. You can order a “six-pack,” that is, a half-dozen small glasses of beer. But you can’t pick which six beers you want to taste. The bar decides for you—and didn’t come up with a particularly inspired list that night...

ARCHIVED:  Read John Heckathorn's entire review in our "Dashed Hopes in Waikiki," May 2007 issue.