Best of Honolulu 2014: Services

The 30 editorial and reader picks for the most helpful services from our Best of Honolulu 2014 issue.


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Best Jewelry Repair

Any bargain-rate jeweler can repair inexpensive jewelry. But when the good stuff needs fixing, consider the guy many of Honolulu’s leading jewelry stores go to when they can’t tackle repairs in-house. Eric Gold of Nova Gold Jewels is a jeweler’s jeweler. He’s got some of the most state-of the-art tools on the island (a nifty laser welder, for instance), and he applies them with hands that have more than 40 years of experience. Repairs by appointment only.

Eric Gold of Nova Gold Jewels, 1314 S. King St., Suite 613, 592-4653,

Best New Life for Old Patio Furniture

Nothing says faded glory quite like the broken straps on a fine set of outdoor furniture. Mekala Powdercoat & Patio Manufacturing, which has been building and restoring patio furniture for hotels and condominiums for three decades, makes weather-beaten loungers, tables and chairs look new again. After sandblasting the frames, Mekala bakes them in a powdercoating oven, where baby-powder-fine pigment is electrostatically bonded to the metal or aluminum, for a coating so durable it’s used on aircraft parts (which Mekala also restores). If the seats have broken straps, Mekala will re-strap them as tight as drum heads.  

Mekala Powdercoat & Patio Manufacturing, 91-210 Kauhi St., 682-3881,

Best Auto Glass Tinting

We know our limits when it comes to DIYing, and car window tinting is way over the line. We’ve seen too many botched, bubble-filled tint jobs on the streets of Honolulu to go there. But of all the professional window tinters on the island, who’s the best? We asked car care expert George Nitta, host of the Hawaiian Automotive 101 radio show on KHNR-AM. He recommends a small shop in Kalihi called ProTint Hawaii. “They do a really nice job,” Nitta says. Owner Dwight Matsuo has been darkening glass since 1982, and he does it with an old-fashioned attention to detail that the kids tinting windows today don’t seem to have. 

ProTint Hawaii, 730 Moowaa St., Bay F, 847-8468

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