Best of Honolulu 2014: Food

The 32 editorial and reader picks for tastiest food from our Best of Honolulu 2014 issue.


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Best Croissants

Chris Sy of the one-man operation Breadshop has expanded his bread portfolio to include butter-laced pastries, from blackberry almond croissants to ones rolled with taegu (yes, taegu!) and spinach. Our favorites are the ones brushed with sugar before baking for a crackly, caramelized crust, like the raisin snails and cardamom buns. Breadshop has popped up at farmers markets and even the John A. Burns School of Medicine cafeteria, but Sy says he’s ready for his own spot now. “I’ve been in a perpetual state of opening a bakery for the last year,” he says. Check the Breadshop site for updates on where to get the goods. 


Best Tacos

If you’re still telling yourself there’s no good Mexican food in Hawaii, you haven’t been paying attention. A number of notable eateries slinging tacos have opened recently, making this arena more crowded than it’s been in years. Serg’s Mexican Kitchen ended up delivering the knockout punch with its Mexico City-style tacos: two griddled (essential to a terrific taco) and stacked corn tortillas piled high with well-seasoned meats (go for the chorizo, carne asada or al pastor).  
Serg's Mexican Kitchen, 2740 E. Manoa Road, 988-8118. 


Best Pickles

Forget Peter Piper and his peck of pickled peppers. Instead, pick up Maui Preserved’s pickled pohole, which pairs locally grown fiddlehead ferns with a little lavender. They’ve got a savory snap; plus, the unfurling tops make for striking swizzle sticks in your cocktails.   
Maui Preserved’s pickled pohole, Available at Whole Foods Kahala and Kailua,


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