Honolulu Rail Survey Results

In May, we posted an online survey about the city’s rail project; 466 people responded, both subscribers and online readers.

Waipahu under rail: The elevated-rail route construction will begin in West Oahu. Here is a photo simulation by the local AIA.

photo: urban advantage inc.

The Results:

55% plan on using the rail system

55% support the city's rail project

51% of elevated-rail opponents support adding more buses

45% don't support the city's rail project 

15% spend 40 to 60 minutes commuting to and from work


Here’s what they had to say:

"Everybody will still drive."—Doug Welty, Aiea

"I’m eagerly awaiting the completion so I can use it."—Laraine Yasui, Pearl City

"To delay it any further would be terrible."—Lana Martinez, Kapolei 

“If you have children to pick up, how will rail help? It really only works if you’re going to destinations along rail.”—Stephanie Wong, Honolulu

"Less corruption and more competence, please."—Jim Pallett, Kailua

“I feel Hawaii needs rail as an alternative; so even though there are flaws, I still support it.”—Kapua Adams, Honolulu

"It’s not worth the money."—Dana Ware, Kapolei

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