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7 Things I learned at 7: A Drink with Bobby Gutierrez of Wilhelmina New York

We had a pau hana drink with Bobby Gutierrez, an image and celebrity manager for Wilhelmina New York. Here’s what we learned.


7 Things I Learned at 7 is a recurring interview column from the HONOLULU Magazine fashion team. This month we enjoyed the company of Bobby Gutierrez, an image and celebrity manager for Wilhelmina New York.

Photo: David Croxford


Who: Bobby Gutierrez

What: Agent for Wilhelmina New York

Wear: Aloha Sunday aloha shirt, Sig Zane and Saturdays Surf NYC collaboration sweatshirt. 

Sip: Moscow Mule.


Humble and giving with a laugh that makes you want to squeeze the sweetness out of him, Bobby Gutierrez opens up about zombies, a bunny and the Hef.


SM: Daily wardrobe?

BG: My daily attire changes with my schedule. Some days you’ll find me in suits, most days in a T-shirt, jeans and boots. I keep it casual and I love to wear hats! Hats are my hair!


SM: Favorite outfit from elementary school?

BG: A checkered blue, green, red and gray vest that I wore all the time.


SM: Hidden talent?

BG: I used to make a living doing makeup, so I can whip up a pretty awesome zombie face. Also, I was a go-go dancer back in the day. Me and my friends were club kids.


SM: What are your nightly pajamas?

BG: T-shirts and shorts, but they have to be matching. And robes. I have this satiny maroon and gold-trimmed one with paisleys, very Hugh Hefner.


SM: Roman Young (director of the Women and Image Division for Wilhelmina International) calls you Jobby Bobby, why?

BG: I’ve held a lot of jobs since I was a teen. I worked at Cinnabon in Pearlridge, Sports Authority in Waikele, Benetton, The Body Shop, Gap and, one year, I was the Easter Bunny.


SM: Worst job interview?

BG: For Delta Airlines. I was so nervous, my hands got really sweaty and I kept wiping them on my pants because I had to keep shaking hands with everyone.


SM: You’re pretty tatted up, how many tattoos do you have?

BG: Hmm, I’ve never counted them. Let’s try. (Two minutes later) I have 19 tattoos!


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