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It’s A Guy Thing

Oliver Men’s Shop opens in Kailua



Moosman and Guy take a break at the shop’s recycled-wood register.

Your wife Ali owns Olive Boutique (two doors down), and now you  own Oliver Men’s Shop. How did  that happen?  
Ali always dreamed of owning her own boutique, so, a few years ago, she made it happen. Since then, we’ve been trying to get another space in this building for a home accessories store. When the owner finally rented us this space, it was too small for furniture and home accessories, so we decided to do men’s clothing, something that we always felt was lacking in Kailua.
Is it true you built both stores?
Yes, I’ve always had a love for worn and weathered materials—wood, metal, etc. I built both stores using sustainable wood.  

Three brands that set your  store apart …
I try hard to have exclusivity on the lines that I carry, at least in Kailua. I’m really excited about Aloha Sunday, designed  by a Kailua boy who now has a shop in  San Diego called Aloha Sunday Supply Co. Roark out of Laguna Beach is big, and locally we’re the only place to carry the line. Men’s jewelry line JbyJ from local designer Justine Jones, and A. Wattz  from Amanda Watkins.  

What’s your morning routine like?
Haha! We’re up at 7. I walk Guy (our chihuahua) on the beach while Ali runs around Lanikai Loop. Then we drive together, with a stop at Whole Foods for juice from the juice bar, and then we open our stores at 10 a.m.  

Best place for coffee in Kailua?
I’m going to get in trouble no matter how I answer this. Ali and I switch off between Chadlou’s and Brew Thru.  

Something interesting about yourself …
I used to play piano in a Seattle-based band called The Side Project. They’re still together and playing all over the Northwest in bars, theaters and festivals, including a place called Calabria, which is where Ali and I met.  

Goals for Oliver Men’s Shop?
I hope the things I bring into  Oliver will stay in people’s  closets a long time, not just a season. And I love the idea that someday people might think of it as  “Olive & Oliver.”  

Oliver Men’s Shop,  49 Kīhāpai St., 261-6587.

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