Delicious Detox

It’s that time of year, when the excesses of the holidays begin to weigh on one’s waistline—or conscience—and thoughts turn to detoxification. Some will forego cocktails for master-cleanse drinks of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne, but most of us are not such ascetics. Here are some simple treats, drinks and meals that prove purification doesn't have to mean suffering.


Photo: David Croxford

Kale smoothie at Kale’s Deli

You can add a handful of kale—the poster child of dark, leafy greens—to any smoothie Kale’s Deli offers, adding a slight green-vegetable taste, or choose the Keiki Shakey with apple juice, banana, strawberries and kale.($5) Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, 377 Keahole St. #A-1, 396-6993,


Matcha Torte at Downtown Coffee

The health benefits of green tea and matcha (whole green tea leaves ground into a fine powder, thus capturing all the antioxidants) are well known. But the Matcha Torte ($3.54) also contains a more obscure detox ingredient: bamboo charcoal, prized in Asia for its marketed ability to flush impurities from the body. 900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 100, 599-5353,


Photo: David Croxford

Kale Nori Sesame Crisps and Flax Seed Thins at ’Licious Dishes

Raw food has never been this addictive, with delicate kale chips ($5) and flax seed thins ($9) that taste like a wheat thin gone wild. The thins are even better with any of ’Licious Dishes’ raw and vegan dips, such as the Tri-Layer Dip ($9). 650 Iwilei Road #170, 536-9680,



Kombu 10-Grain Rice Musubi at Mana Bu’s

This musubi’s 10-grain blend ($1.60) is full of fiber and whole grains such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and barley, as well as other healthful ingredients such as lentils and flax seeds. Seasoned kombu, a type of seaweed, adds another detox component, as well as flavor. 1618 S. King St., 358-0287,


Kusmi Tea Detox at Peace Café

Peace Café offers Kusmi Tea’s Detox blend ($2.95), with Chinese green tea, maté, lemongrass and lemon, elements said to purify both the body and mind. 2239 S. King St. #C, 951-7555,


Ginseng Chicken Soup at Sorabol

This comforting Korean soup is served at a roiling boil and features ginseng, used medicinally to purge toxins, while the other ingredients—a whole young chicken, chestnuts, garlic and red dates—replenish the body with nutrients.($17.99) 805 Ke‘eaumoku St., 947-3113,



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