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Letters to the Editor may be e-mailed to: letters_honmag@pacificbasin.net, faxed: 537-6455 or sent to: Honolulu Magazine, 1000 Bishop St., Suite 405, Honolulu, HI, 96813.

“Night Shift,” December 2006
Our cover photo was of Julie Ranoa, a go-go dancer at the O Lounge. Ranoa was featured in our story about Honolulu at night.

HONOLULU Magazine has been serving Honolulu in a variety of ways for many years, and has been doing a great job of reflecting many of the needs and interests of our population. But, it seems to me that over the past year or so, the magazine has become increasingly oriented to a portion of the population that is not representative of my peers, colleagues, friends or acquaintances. This month’s cover provides an explicit example of the smutification of your magazine.

The cover model is a lovely woman, scantily clad in a manner appropriate for a go-go dancer, but hardly representative of the women of Honolulu, or women in general. It is hardly an ideal to which I would want Honolulu’s female youth to aspire. Unfortunately, this is the sexual sensationalism that publishers would have us believe sells magazines. I do agree it sells things, but is it necessary to reduce HONOLULU Magazine’s standards to the banal?

This cover is better suited to a men’s magazine. With so much beauty around us all the time, there are ample subjects to choose from without stooping to what many would consider pornography. HONOLULU Magazine could take some lessons from Atlantic Weekly or The New Yorker.

Peggy Murphy-Hazzard, Psy. D.

“Letters,” November 2006
Reader Jeff Merz suggested that Honolulu needs to create more mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods.

Much of the recent development on O‘ahu, including Kaka‘ako, has been 40-story high-rises or suburban sprawl. However, Jeff Merz should take heart that people are doing something about it in Kaka‘ako, which is uniquely suited for urban living, because of its proximity to downtown, and because it is being redeveloped. The unsightly NCR Building is now being converted into lofts with ground-floor retail space that will activate Kapi‘olani Boulevard. Meanwhile, the Ward Village shops area is becoming a pedestrian-oriented, live-work-play, urban village.

Kaka‘ako’s zoning rules are being revamped to make the area even more desirable and pleasant, both economically and socially. The results, we believe, will be neighborhoods less dependent on the car and more in line with the type of urban lifestyle Hawai‘i should be offering.

I invite Mr. Merz and anyone else who wants better communities for tomorrow to browse www.HCDAweb.org, get involved, and share their comments, hopes and aspirations.

Daniel Dinell
Executive director, Hawai‘i Community Development Authority

Ahana Koko Lele
We omitted photo credits for Hesham in the opening pages of the December 2006 story “Night Shift.” In that same issue, there should have been a photo credit for Scott Kubo on page 3 of the Kokua Calendar section.
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