January 2007

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2007 Hale Aina Awards Winner's List

The Sour Poi Awards

Celebrating the best of the worst of 2006—follies, foibles and bizarre moments.

How is the Mayor Doing?

It’s been two years since Mufi Hannemann took over Honolulu Hale. Is the city any better off today?
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Taste the World

They came from different countries and backgrounds, but these Honolulu restaurateurs now share the same passions: good food, fresh ingredients and feeding a legion of happy customers.

From Our Files | January

Chronicling the Islands since 1888.

The City Past and Present

The Honolulu of 150 years ago—strange, yet familiar.

City: No Place to Go

Restroom relief cannot come soon enough to downtown Honolulu.

By the Numbers

That's Highway Robbery!

Life After the Plantation

Del Monte pineapple plantation’s decision to shut down two years early leaves hundreds of workers wondering how to move on.

Letters 1|07

A new boxing studio in Manoa

Music Review

Na Palapalai, Ka Pua Hae Hawai‘i, Koops2 Entertainment

Green Resolutions

Six practical ways you can help save the planet this New Year.

10 Reasons to Buy my Book!

Books: Chew Through Maui

A breezy guide to eating well on the Valley Isle.

Arts: Going Pro

Can a professional repertory company make it in Hawai‘i?

Community: A Matter of Trust

Can community land trusts provide affordable housing? Maui is set to find out.

Profile: Horton’s Hits

Remembering a HONOLULU Magazine alum.


Micah Kane

Pseudo Relief

Buying cold medicine? Don’t act so suspicious!
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