January 2005


2005 Sour Poi Awards

Russell Siu

Islander of the Year - The Hawai‘i Soldier

More than 16,000 Hawai‘i troops have deployed to the Middle East. Back home, thousands of Island families and businesses cope with their absence.

Wayne Hirabayashi

Peter Merriman


The 21st Annual Hale ‘Aina Awards

2005 Hale ‘Aina Cookbook

Healthful—and delicious—food from our award-winning chefs.

Alan Takasaki


The New Standards

Saving Maui

Maui taxpayers are fighting off development by buying land for conservation.



Q+A Andy Irons

How to Talk to Your Legislator

O, Baby!

Hot Shots

Photographer G. Brad Lewis gets closer to lava than you’d ever want to.

He Said, She Said

Operation Islander

As we were working on our Islander of the Year feature for this issue, something unexpected happened.

Can Anyone Here Design an Interesting Building?

Island architects are wrestling with the state of Hawai‘i architecture

Learners Not Permitted


Fortune Seller

Shoppers with a nose for the new have discovered a tiny fashion outpost in our own back yard.