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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clutching Your Magazine

Clutching Your Magazine

Over the years, I’ve seen magazines repurposed into many things: fly swatter, collage supplies for kids’ craft projects, puppy-training tool. Sometimes people use our magazine to express themselves, like the angry reader who ripped our public schools issue in half and stuffed it into our publisher’s mailbox.

But this purse, seen on Etsy, takes the art of magazine recycling to stylish new heights. Who knew you could make a clutch using a copy of HONOLULU? And who knew our 1970s HONOLULU logo was so, uh, ’70s?  This handbag was probably originally paired with a fabulous satin pantsuit and toured a disco or two, so we’ll overlook the fact that it appears to have been made in Japan, not in Hawai‘i.


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