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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abhoring the Storing

Lately, it’s seems like every time you blink, you see a new self-storage building on Oahu. “Another storage building with an ocean view? Just what we need…” Well, turns out you’re not imagining things. A recent story in The New York Times Magazine revealed that available square footage of storage space here nearly doubled between 2004 and 2007.

The reason? According to reporter Jon Mooallem, a storage-industry study had found that Hawaii had little storage space, and suddenly, there was a rush with companies coming into the Islands to build the self-storage units.

Honoluluans are not alone in gathering more stuff than we can fit into our garages and closets. One statistic in Mooallem’s piece really jumped out at me. Nationwide, he points out, “The average consumer purchased one new piece of clothing every five and a half days.”

Geez. I know I’m guilty of that kind of behavior, and it’s the same shop-till-you-drop mentality that I often embrace as part of my fashion beat at HONOLULU Magazine. It’s made me want to tone down the shopping a little, instead of constantly churning through new items. Here are some ways to cut down on the sheer volume of clothes:

Swap it. Take your unwanted goodies to a clothes-trading event like Thrift, at Cloth Vintage Boutique. This monthly exchange is held the last Saturday of each month. See more at

Chop It. Instead of using paper towels, cut up badly stained or ripped clothing to use as cleaning rags

Drop it. Bring gently used or never-worn work-appropriate clothes to Dress for Success Honolulu. The organization helps needy women feel confident at job interviews. Click on this list to see what kinds of clothes the group is looking for.

Stop it. Take a mini-vacation from shopping. Use the free time to clear out your storage unit.

So… how many old clothes do you have in storage? Are you ready to let go, and if so, why? Tell me at: <ahref="">Kathryn Drury Wagner</a>


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