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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Line Forms Here

The Line Forms Here

Shop Blaine Ashley's owner models a new look from local design company Sola 2.

Local fashion followers should check out Blaine Ashley’s Web site,, on May 19. That’s when she will be unveiling styles by Sola 2, from Oahu-based designer Marie-Noelle Pouliot. Sola 2 combines va-va-voom French touches like one-shouldered dresses with beachy looks perfect for the Islands.

  A local stylist, Ashley is celebrating the first six months running her Web boutique, which offers a well-edited collection heavy on dresses. Prices run $75 to $300. “I like special materials and nothing that is too trendy,” says Ashley, who researches styles and designers before heading to L.A. fashion markets and fashion week to do her buying. 

This season, Ashley flagged trends such as jumpsuits, watercolor prints and slim silhouettes. Key colors, she says, are marine blues, orange and citrus hues with punches of purple. Her Web site has received interest and orders from 50 countries and territories, but Hawaii’s fashionable women still have an edge: shipping is free in Hawaii. “Orders ship within 24 to 48 hours, so you can get orders within three days,” she notes. “I tell people to order Mondays or Tuesdays,” that way, her clients can show off their new clothes by Friday.

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