Terence Q.L. Young, D.D.S.

Specialty: General Dentistry

1441 Kapiolani Blvd. #1207 • Honolulu, HI 96814 • 808-945-9977 • www.wekeephawaiismiling.com



Thank you for this honor, as 2015 marks our 25th year practicing in Honolulu. Our experience makes a difference, along with hours of continuing education that far exceed basic requirements.


We employ the latest technologies and follow current evidence-based protocols. We offer time-tested restorative materials and employ some of the best new aesthetic materials developed.


Our mission remains constant with some new additions. Prevention of cavities and gum disease remains at the top of our list. Now as an Invisalign Premier Provider, we help an increasing number of patients of all ages solve tooth crowding and shifting issues that many believed to be a result of aging. Placing teeth in their best functioning position helps to prevent gum disease and possible tooth loss, and has many other important overall health benefits. Maximum aesthetics also occurs when teeth are well-aligned.


Our large concerns with sleep apnea and airway-related diseases focus on patients who cannot tolerate the use of conventional CPAP machines. Several dental options are available to help. We continue to build relationships with physicians on this serious disease.


Our caring staff looks forward to serving you in 2015!