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Top Dentists 2009 Database

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Kevin M. MizoguchiGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Derek N. Q. TakaiGeneral DentistryHonolulu
David YeeGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Wesley I. OdaniPediatric DentistryHonolulu
Karen I. HuGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Darin K. IhaPeriodonticsHonolulu
Lloyd Y. UtoGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Cedric T. LewisGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Bruno R. WestGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Riichiro SatoGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Bert M. SumikawaPediatric DentistryHonolulu
Jon Y. YoshimuraGeneral DentistryHonolulu
William J. EnokaGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Garrett T. HayashiGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Chris YamadaPediatric DentistryHonolulu
Leslie K. OkimotoGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Stephen Richard HoGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Nathan E. UyeharaGeneral DentistryHonolulu
Michelle KobayashiPediatric DentistryHonolulu
George A. WessbergOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryHonolulu
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Feb 25, 2009 04:40 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Me and my children go to Cynthia Ichiriu & Bruce Keller and they are fantastic. I was sad to see that my older daughters orthodontist Scott Masunaga wasn't on the list this year. He is a fabulous and comprehensive orthodontist.

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