Food & Dining

Lucky You Eat Hawai‘i

If you had to list all your favorite Hawai‘i foods, what would they be?

Old Friends, Good Wine

Cheers to a civilized night out.

Chinese, Sort Of

Three chains shake up the Chinese restaurant scene.

Ready for Prime Time?

For 100 years, Filipinos have been a major part of Hawai‘i. Is it time for their cuisine to go mainstream?

Hoku’s 2.0

When you mess with a legend, the whole town gets worried.

Kosmic Kaua’i

If you don’t think you can love vegan food, just wait till dessert.

Lobster Jelly and Other Surprises

Japanese cuisine never loses its ability to astonish.

All Greek to Me

Full of the flavors of the sun and sea, this ancient cuisine is worth revisiting.

Upscale Chinese

Two new restaurants make Chinese food special again.

Mexican Revolution

Fresh fish, handmade tortillas, rib-eye carne asada—it’s a brave new world of Mexican food in Honolulu.

Walk on the Wild Side

Most wild game isn't wild but that doesn't mean it's not worth eating.

The Perfect Dinner Date

It's scientific truth: There's nothing more romantic than a meal.

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