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Buzz Kill

Vampire mites mean fewer bees for honey producers, and possibly less fruit for all Islanders.

October 2007

Exploring the Poamoho Trail

After four years of waiting, the public can now access this stunning Wahiawa hike.

September 2007

Field of Creams

August 2007

Native Roots

After one of Hawaii's most devastating forest fires, Maui’s Kula Forest Reserve gets a second life.

August 2007

Now Playing: Hawaii Forests—in 3-D!

New technology helps protect the Islands’ natural resources.

July 2007

Up to our eyeballs?

Honolulu City and County is in the hole for $3 billion for the Waikiki Beautification Project

May 2005

Bamboo Boom?

Bamboo is seen as a sustainable resource for construction.

March 2004