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D.K's World

D.K. Kodama has opened four new restaurants in the past six months.

February 2005

The King of Cocktails

America invented the cocktail, then lost the art. Great cocktails are back-even in Honolulu.

November 2004

Chasing the Buzz

Three hot new restaurants, but only one winner- Kevin Hanney's 12th Avenue Grill.

October 2004

Broke But Happy In Chicago

For $200, Chicago offers some stunning dinners

September 2004
Dining: Feeding the Craze

Dining: Feeding the Craze

Low-Carb Diets Are Changing How Restaurants Cook. A Review of Restaurants following the trend.

July 2004

Wholesale Madness

When restaurants go shopping, it’s a major event.

June 2004
Dining: East Side Story

Dining: East Side Story

May 2004

Big News from The Big Island

There’s been an explosion of restaurants on the Volcano Isle.

April 2004
Dining: Best Local Food

Dining: Best Local Food

The tasty portion of our Best of Honolulu 2004 issue.

March 2004

The Honolulu Rush

When a restaurant opens in this town, it better be ready to rock

February 2004