Archive - Afterthoughts


Pseudo Relief

Buying cold medicine? Don’t act so suspicious!

January 2007

Fear Factor

A scaredy-cat tries to embrace adventure.

December 2006

Off with Their Heads!

Whatever happened to the public spanking?

November 2006

Compassion’s New Face

New solutions to helping the homeless can seem, at first glance, pretty radical. Is Hawai’i ready to embrace them?

August 2006

New York Turned My Poi Dog Mean

A furry Island transplant finds the Big Apple considerably edgier than Honolulu.

July 2006

Mutants in My Kitchen

If you fought back an urge to swat the screen, you are not alone.

June 2006

Game Theory

For me, trying out for a game show proved far more entertaining than actually watching one.

May 2006

Home Free

Sometimes home is all over the map.

April 2006

The Crystallized Moment

Time travel, roast chickens and the U.S. Census.

March 2006

Island Bound

For ambitious young professionals, the Mainland beckons with opportunities. But for some, the Islands' pull is stronger.

February 2006