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Culture Crash

To really appreciate Hawai'i drivers, try navigating the streets of Paris.

January 2006

Too Hot to Handle

Mild or spicy? If you are among the small tribe of redheads living in Hawai'i, it's hard to convince chefs to serve you the latter.

December 2005

Afterthoughts: Habit Deforming

Changing your routine, it turns out, can actually change your brain.

November 2005

The Hip-Pocket City

Living on the Big Island, I've learned to love Honolulu even more.

October 2005

Your Life, Sponsored By …

In a nation where everything is for sale, there's no escaping advertising.

September 2005

Going, Going, Gone?

August 2005

Afterthoughts: Strange Lessons

May 2005

Afterthoughts: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Visions

Some people are asking when Mayor Mufi Hannemann will develop a vision for Honolulu. Don’t we have our own dreams?

April 2005

Afterthoughts: Wired, Connected and Lost

Thanks to the internet, we are living our lives online, despite being physically located in Hawaii. What does local mean again?

March 2005

Imaginary Friends

They’re good for kids, so why not for adults?

February 2005