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Field Guide: Dole Cannery Complex

Field Guide: Dole Cannery Complex

You may think of Dole only for its history or the theaters, but there’s so much more: Education Works, Mesh, Licious Dishes, Toylynx, China Bazaar.

March 2010
Field Guide: Wilder Ave.

Field Guide: Wilder Ave.

This street may look residential upon first glance, but it’s spotted with unique businesses.

February 2010
Field Guide: Waipahu

Field Guide: Waipahu

This former sugar town offers good eats, unique furniture and a lesson in history.

January 2010


Even if you don’t surf, there’s plenty to do in this historic North Shore town.

November 2007


Everyone knows Liliha Bakery, but there’s a lot more to this historic neighborhood than coco puffs.

October 2007


A former sugar mill town redefines itself.

September 2007

North Manoa Valley

We found centuries of history tucked in Manoa Valley.

August 2007

Upper Kalakaua

We discovered unique shops at the top of Kalakaua Avenue.

July 2007

Chinatown Now

August 2006