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Maryknoll School Creates Lifelong Learners

(Sponsored) An excellent education from K–12 shapes Hawai‘i’s next generation of learners, leaders and global citizens of character.


Maryknoll School believes that the right environment is essential for students to succeed, both academically and as a lifelong learner. Given the right tools to thrive, there is no limit to what your child can achieve.


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Grades K–2

A love for learning starts young, and Maryknoll School is renowned for its excellent early education program, which lays a solid foundation in reading, writing, math and science. Teachers get to know each and every student in order to help nurture unique interests, passions and talents.


Grades 3–5

Hands-on learning through science experiments deepens students’ understanding of the natural environment. Maryknoll's Grade School Robotics Team won the Amaze Award at the international VEX Worlds competition last year. Students are exposed to a variety of creative arts, study Mandarin Chinese, and learn to express their inner entrepreneurs with projects like Mini Society.


Grades 6–8

Preparation for high school, college and career starts in middle school. 
Students are challenged to hone their talents through rigorous academics in math, science, English and history. Other courses, including design, robotics, band and art create a well-rounded education.


maryknoll mx scholar programs


Grades 9–12: The Mx Scholar Programs

Maryknoll School’s Mx Scholar Programs offer four areas for high school students to pursue their interests in industries that are driving the careers of the future. All four areas are open for admission and accepting applications for the 2017–2018 school year.


Mx Scholar Program for STEM & Aerospace

Mx STEM & Aerospace lets students go in-depth into computer technology, robotics, aerospace, aeronautics and more. Students take their ideas from concept to reality using Maryknoll’s makery equipment and even have the opportunity to earn an FAA private pilot’s license while in high school! Partnerships with leading organizations in the industry provide opportunities to bring real-world relevance right into the classroom.


Mx Scholar Program for Medical Innovation

Mx Medical Innovation allows students to explore case studies, labs and more at the forefront of topics like human anatomy, biology, medicine and public health. With the latest state-of-the-art 3-D virtual reality technology called zSpace, students can virtually dissect organs, muscles and bones using just a stylus and 3-D glasses—the same technology used at the University of Hawai‘i John A. Burns School of Medicine.


Mx Scholar Program for Business & Diplomacy

Maryknoll’s philosophy is that students are citizens of the world. Through the Mx Business & Diplomacy program, students learn about finance, economics, law and international procedures and policies. International programs that include mission trips and home stays in countries like China, the Philippines and the Marshall Islands expose students to different cultures and diverse beliefs and perspectives.


Mx Scholar Program for Creative Arts & Expression

Through courses in digital media, studio art, music, drama and more, students explore aesthetics, fine art techniques, and forms of storytelling to develop their own artistic voices. The program builds upon Maryknoll’s other creative programs, from its award-winning literary magazine The Toad to its renowned music, ceramics, dance, drawing and painting classes.


Maryknoll School is currently accepting applications for grades K-12. Applications received by the priority deadline of Dec. 15, 2016 will receive first consideration for admission. For more information on Maryknoll School, its admission requirements and its many programs, visit ThisIsMaryknoll.com.


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