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5 Fun Facts about Maryknoll School

(Sponsored) Find out how a Maryknoll education can shape lives.


An education is the key to a child’s future; however, not all education is created equal. Maryknoll School believes a good education means one that focuses not only on a student’s scholastic achievement, but on his or her personal development as well.  At Maryknoll School, students are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests, which are nurtured and developed through the school’s many innovative programs and learning opportunities. As a result, graduates enter their post-high-school lives with the necessary skills to accomplish their goals, a passion and curiosity for lifelong learning and an understanding of who they are. These five facts show why so many parents choose a Maryknoll education for their children.


1. Whether it’s engineering or culinary arts, Maryknoll encourages students to pursue their interests.


Maryknoll School Colin Hazama

PHOTOs: Courtesy of Maryknoll School


For ’99 graduate Colin Hazama, the most inspiring thing about his Maryknoll experience was the support he received to explore and pursue his passion for the culinary arts. “The structure at Maryknoll supports every individual in what they want to do, in their career in the future, he says. “And I think that’s the best thing I got from Maryknoll.”


2. The Mx scholar programs create 21st-century learners, leaders and global citizens of character.


Maryknoll Schools Mx Scholar Programs


Maryknoll School’s Mx scholar programs allow high-school students to pursue interests in industries that are driving the future. Classes in computer technology and aerospace, medical innovation, business and diplomacy and arts and expression offer students a hands-on learning environment and partnerships with leading organizations in the field.


3. Students can earn their pilot’s license.


Maryknol School Jodie


Fourth-grader Jodie Ho dreams of becoming a commercial pilot like her father and plans to join Maryknoll’s Mx STEM & Aerospace program when she starts high school. Through the program, she’ll have the opportunity to learn how to fly planes and earn an FAA private pilot’s license—even before some of her classmates learn to drive!


4. It’s not just about academics—it’s also about the network.


Maryknoll School Will Cordes


Wilhelm “Will” Cordes, ’88 graduate and owner of Forty Niner Restaurant in ‘Aiea and Wahiawa, says his experiences at Maryknoll have played a big part in where his life is now. “People I went to school with at Maryknoll, they’re like family to me,” he says. “They’re just a phone call away when I need something or somebody to talk to, or just like my brothers and sisters.”


5. A well-rounded education creates well-rounded people.


Maryknoll School


Maryknoll believes that creativity is just as important as math or science, and that a well-rounded education creates adults who have more to offer the world. With a multi-focus curriculum and small class size, students are given the individualized attention to foster all aspects of their education.


For more information on Maryknoll School, its admission requirements and its many programs, visit ThisIsMaryknoll.com.


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