People You Should Know in Surfing

The Bad Boy: Sunny Garcia

Notorious hot head. Triple Crown of Surfing titles: six. Months in federal prison for tax evasion: three (which may explain his chest tattoo: Death and Taxes). After a highly publicized brawl in Australia in 2011, he said, “I’m Sunny Garcia. What did you guys expect?”

The Surf Forecaster:
Pat Caldwell

Who grows up thinking: I want to be a surf forecaster? Pat Caldwell did, at age 15, surfing in South Carolina. Thirty-five years of surf forecasting in Hawaii means Caldwell does not get skunked.

The Elder Statesman: Ben Aipa

Surfing and shaping for almost 50 years. Inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1991. Coached generations, from Sunny Garcia to Bethany Hamilton.

The Shaper: Eric Arakawa

Shaper to the pros, including the
late Andy Irons. Find his boards at Hawaiian Island Creations.

The Up-and-Coming She-nom: Carissa Moore

This Punahou grad captured the ASP Women’s World Champion title last year at the age of 18, making her the youngest to win the women’s world title, younger even than Kelly Slater when he won the men’s.

The Up-and-Coming Phenom: John John Florence

This 20-year-old gets more barrels than you. Raised at Pipeline. Surfed his first Vans Triple Crown event at 12, won it at 19. He’s going to win a world title soon.