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2011 HONOLULU Magazine Stories You Loved

Here are the most viewed stories of 2011. The ones you visited more than once, shared with your friends and enjoyed.


1) Best of Honolulu 2011

From macarons to mac-and-cheese, face-painting to surfboard shaping—we crisscrossed the city to find the best products, services, food and entertainment.

Photo: Courtesy of CBS

2) Sendai-Honolulu Journal

Three family members shared how they were coping with separation amid chaos and misery of post-quake life in northern Japan.

Photo: courtesy AP/Kyodo News

3) Photo Essay: Everyday Life in 20th Century Honolulu

We hit the archives for this collection of photos from everyday life in Honolulu over the past roughly 100 years to rediscover what we wore, where we worked and how we played.

photo: state archives

4) New: SALT Kitchen and Tasting Bar, Kaimuki

Smoked foie gras. House cured charcuterie. Arancini. Cheese platters with port-soaked figs. What's not to like about Kevin Hanney's new tasting bar?

photo: martha cheng

5) 43 Things Every Local Must Do

“Local” has as many definitions as there are people in Hawaii. Local isn’t just how we think. It’s what we do. In that spirit, here are 43 things you gotta do if you’re gonna call yourself local.

Illustration: Douglas Simonson

6) The Secret Life of Storage Units

They may look like static warehouses on the outside but inside, Honolulu’s self-storage units are bustling with hidden lives.

Photo: Olivier Koning

7) 9 Things Hawaii Chefs Wished You Knew

Is the customer always right in Hawaii restaurants? We turned the tables and asked Hawaii chefs to dish on what they wish diners knew.

illustration: VIDHYA NAGARAJAN

8) Micronesian in Hawaii

Micronesians are Hawaii's newest arrivals. We wanted to find out more about what it’s like to make a new life here.

Photo: Elyse Butler and Matt Mallams

9) Farm to Table: 6 Dishes from Hawaii Restaurants

Here are six locally grown dishes you can order in Hawaii restaurants right now—and the farmers who made them possible.

photo: Olivier Koning

10) What Can You Get for $1 Million?

How far will a cool million take you when you’re shopping for a house in Hawaii? We take a look at million dollar homes in Oahu.

Photo: Courtesy Scott Villard


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