Hangover Tips

A bartender, doctor and student walk into a bar … and give you advice on preventing and remedying hangovers.

As a bartender, Kyle Reutner hears a lot of advice from customers—“rolling around in bed with a new friend works,” some say—but for himself, he takes a “shot of fernet [a bitter, aromatic spirit] to finish the night. The herbs are said to help you not get a hangover.” For the morning after, “I am a fan of the hair of the dog that bit me last night—more booze to cure the hangover,” he says. “Greasy food [also] works wonders.”

Christopher Jordan, a medical resident at Tripler, says, “The most important advice is to drink in moderation. When you drink excessively, you are going to become dehydrated and hypoglycemic. What gives you the bad headache and nausea is the dehydration and electrolyte disturbances that go with that.” Jordan recommends keeping hydrated with nonalcoholic beverages and eating while drinking; carbohydrates can stave off low blood-sugar levels.

UH student Paul Pangilinan, drinking a 32-ounce beer after class at Mānoa Gardens, the on-campus pub, says, “I don’t do anything prior to drinking, but, the day after, pho and caffeine.” He notes that some of his friends take Pepcid AC before drinking, primarily to counteract the Asian glow, but also to help mitigate a hangover.