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Gold Mine

’Tis the season to bring bold back. Glamorous, gold adornments make great gifts to give or receive.


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Prolong the Life of Your Jewelry

Alli Kim-Czerniak, owner of Alliway at Ward Warehouse, knows just how perfumes, lotions and the humidity in Hawaii can affect the look of your jewelry. Here she offers her tips for avoiding the dreaded tarnish.

“Tarnish is typically caused by things we do or wear,” Kim-Czerniak says. If you use lotion and perfume, wait for it to soak into your skin thoroughly before putting on your jewelry. Hairspray is another one that should be applied before you begin accessorizing.

Shaesby Luna dome ring ($4,990), from Neiman Marcus

Photo: Courtesy of Shaesby

At the end of the day, store jewelry in a cool, dark place. Any airtight container, such as a plastic zip lock bag, cloth bag or jewelry box will do as long as the jewelry isn’t allowed to be exposed to air or light. Bonus points for taking a second to gently wipe off the metals with a soft cloth before putting them away.

Know Before You Go

Kim-Czerniak recommends asking yourself a few questions about the person for whom you’re buying for before choosing gifts. Knowing the person’s personal preferences will help you (and the sales person) match a gift to her style.

  • Does the person typically wear more silver or gold metals?
  • What are her favorite colors, or colors she wears often?
  • Does she prefer a classic or trendy style?
  • What are her proportions?  Is she a tall or petite woman?


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