October 2017

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Biting Commentary

Wing Ice Cream Parlor

New in Chinatown: Wing Ice Cream Parlor with housemade ice cream
2013.08.05 09:15 AM

Rico Rico Peruvian chicken restaurant

Huli huli chicken, done up Peruvian-style, what’s not to love?
2013.08.02 09:10 AM

Marukai's shochu and sake club

Much like bacon-of-the-month clubs, you get a bottle of sake once a month—a new or seasonal sake that's not on Marukai's shelves yet.
2013.08.01 08:00 AM

Lucky Peach returns to Honolulu to save print through food

Or if not, at least taste carnival food recreated by the new wave of chefs.
2013.07.31 11:39 AM

Noodle Tuesday: Gluten-free at Godmother Pasta

Find gluten-free pasta from the new Japanese-Italian vendor at Shirokiya
2013.07.30 12:26 PM

What’s Next for the Former 12th Ave Grill Space?

Kevin Hanney plans a brunch place for the existing 12th Ave Grill space.
2013.07.29 08:00 AM

Bar Report: Monkeypod Kitchen

Peter Merriman's Monkeypod Kitchen picks up the cocktail slack where other casual concepts fall short
2013.07.26 08:00 AM

This weekend's events: beer, a 10th anniversary celebration, and Get Fresh

Eat, drink and learn
2013.07.25 12:09 PM

Lonohana Chocolate: Hawaii's newest local bean-to-bar chocolate

Seneca Klassen, co-founder of the Bay Area's Bittersweet Cafe, grows and makes his own chocolate
2013.07.24 09:39 AM

Noodle Tuesday: Mimasuya

In the cursed Uraku Tower space, Mimasuya doesn't look like it'll last longer than its predecessors
2013.07.23 09:32 AM

A Real Beer Festival comes to Oahu

A festival-goers tip list
2013.07.22 11:43 AM

Got the best recipe? You're gonna need more than that

How to get into Whole Foods: Upcoming forum hopes to develop local producers and farmers into successful entrepreneurs
2013.07.19 11:45 AM

Pop-up shop of local charcuterie, cheese, paiai, preserves and more

GreenWheel Food Hub raises money for SNAP/EBT acceptance at farmers markets
2013.07.18 10:56 AM

Joy of Sake: The biggest sake bash outside of Japan gets bigger

More than a trendy food and drink festival—for Honolulu, it's also a return to its sake-loving roots.
2013.07.17 10:49 AM

Noodle Tuesday: uni pasta

Rounding up uni pasta from Arancino, Chez Kenzo and Bernini
2013.07.16 10:48 AM

Cronut (knock-offs) have arrived in Honolulu

Regal Bakery's downtown location debuted the Butternut last week
2013.07.15 08:37 AM

Bar report: Lewers Lounge

Colin Field of The Ritz Carlton Paris puts a heavy emphasis on classics and adds a Digestif cocktail menu
2013.07.12 09:49 AM

Hawaiian Nougat Company

Sweet treat: local, French nougat
2013.07.11 08:00 AM

Il Gelato opening a gelato cafe in Kahala Mall

Specializing in coppa (Italian-style sundaes) with novelties such as gelato panini and spaghetti-eis
2013.07.10 08:00 AM

Noodle Tuesday: Oxtail soup and pho at Pho Bistro 2

The tender, meaty oxtails star against a backdrop of broth of pho.
2013.07.09 09:54 AM
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