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Biting Commentary

Coming soon: the 30th annual Hale Aina Awards

Get your tickets now for our annual awards gala
2013.09.25 08:00 AM

Primo Popcorn in Honolulu: move over hurricane popcorn and get ready for the tsunami

130 flavors and counting, including haole, raging crab and prime rib
2013.09.24 08:02 AM

Highlights from Cochon Island

The first ever offshoot of Cochon555 in Hawaii
2013.09.23 10:30 AM

News flash: Cocina going into The Whole Ox

Quinten Frye gets permanent digs for his Mexican street food
2013.09.20 10:08 AM

Durian anyone? Mooncakes in Honolulu for Moon Festival 2013

Sing Cheong Yuan bakery in Chinatown carries more than 20 mooncake varieties, including mochi-wrapped with mango and, yup, durian.
2013.09.19 08:07 AM

Hale Aina Happenings: the return of salt-baked onaga

Keith Endo's local catch, and Colin Hazama's dinner under the full moon at Sheraton Waikiki
2013.09.18 09:04 AM

New: Kan Zaman, a Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant in Honolulu

Kamal Jemmari and Youssef Dakroub, previously owners of Shogunai and Extreme Tacos, team up. But don't expect tacos.
2013.09.17 03:18 PM

Honolulu Beerworks: opening a craft brewery, part one

A new craft brewery in Kakaako hopes to fill the Oahu brewery void.
2013.09.16 10:30 AM

New restaurant: Park at the Aqua Lotus Honolulu

It promises a seasonally-changing, modern Mediterranean menu
2013.09.13 02:02 PM

Kyle Reutner's top ten drinks to try now

One of Honolulu's best barmen shares his list of favorite drinks. Surprise! Not all of them are alcoholic.
2013.09.12 10:44 AM

Cochon Island: 5 pigs, 5 chefs

Coming to the Big Island September 21
2013.09.11 09:21 AM

New: Lawson Station on Kapiolani

The first Lawson Station opens outside of Waikiki. Think ABC meets 7-Eleven Hawaii with a distinct Japanese twist.
2013.09.10 08:00 AM

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013: The big finale

Uni, paiai, Girls Got Game and the fireworks finale
2013.09.09 02:15 PM

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013: Highlights from Under the Modern Moon

Under the Modern Moon, the opening gala at The Modern, was as stylish and swanky as ever, the sold-out event filled with food fans and celebrity chefs.
2013.09.06 11:57 AM

Glenn Chu on Indigo's closing

Chu reflects on starting the restaurant that launched the Chinatown revival, the good days, the mistakes made and his future plans
2013.09.05 11:16 AM

The Final Stretch: The New 12th Ave Grill is Almost Ready for Opening

Part nine: wrapping up the inspections, sign permits and liquor license
2013.09.04 10:44 AM

6 gluten-free Asian noodles

Noodle Tuesday: Textures and flavors galore in Asian noodles
2013.09.03 10:01 AM

Gluten-free cake at Cake Works

Wheat-free eaters: You can have your cake and eat it too
2013.08.30 10:30 AM

Meet Russell Moore at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013

A Q&A with the chef of Camino, Oakland's wood-fired restaurant
2013.08.29 10:28 AM

125 years in food, as told by HONOLULU and Paradise of the Pacific

The Metropolitan Meat Market (1917), awa in Hawaii (1920), The Canlis Broiler, the Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World (1961), Clues to Finding the Perfect Restaurant in Hawaii (1980)
2013.08.28 12:28 PM
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