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Biting Commentary

Drink Like it’s 1947: Cocktail Recipes from Hawai‘i Before Statehood

Lei Day, Paradise of the Pacific, Hawaiian Moonlight: our cocktail writer tries out cocktail recipes from Hawaii in 1947
2013.09.26 11:41 AM

Coming soon: the 30th annual Hale Aina Awards

Get your tickets now for our annual awards gala
2013.09.25 08:00 AM

Primo Popcorn in Honolulu: move over hurricane popcorn and get ready for the tsunami

130 flavors and counting, including haole, raging crab and prime rib
2013.09.24 08:02 AM

Highlights from Cochon Island

The first ever offshoot of Cochon555 in Hawaii
2013.09.23 10:30 AM

News flash: Cocina going into The Whole Ox

Quinten Frye gets permanent digs for his Mexican street food
2013.09.20 10:08 AM

Durian anyone? Mooncakes in Honolulu for Moon Festival 2013

Sing Cheong Yuan bakery in Chinatown carries more than 20 mooncake varieties, including mochi-wrapped with mango and, yup, durian.
2013.09.19 08:07 AM

Hale Aina Happenings: the return of salt-baked onaga

Keith Endo's local catch, and Colin Hazama's dinner under the full moon at Sheraton Waikiki
2013.09.18 09:04 AM

New: Kan Zaman, a Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant in Honolulu

Kamal Jemmari and Youssef Dakroub, previously owners of Shogunai and Extreme Tacos, team up. But don't expect tacos.
2013.09.17 03:18 PM

Honolulu Beerworks: opening a craft brewery, part one

A new craft brewery in Kakaako hopes to fill the Oahu brewery void.
2013.09.16 10:30 AM

New restaurant: Park at the Aqua Lotus Honolulu

It promises a seasonally-changing, modern Mediterranean menu
2013.09.13 02:02 PM

Kyle Reutner's top ten drinks to try now

One of Honolulu's best barmen shares his list of favorite drinks. Surprise! Not all of them are alcoholic.
2013.09.12 10:44 AM

Cochon Island: 5 pigs, 5 chefs

Coming to the Big Island September 21
2013.09.11 09:21 AM

New: Lawson Station on Kapiolani

The first Lawson Station opens outside of Waikiki. Think ABC meets 7-Eleven Hawaii with a distinct Japanese twist.
2013.09.10 08:00 AM

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013: The big finale

Uni, paiai, Girls Got Game and the fireworks finale
2013.09.09 02:15 PM

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013: Highlights from Under the Modern Moon

Under the Modern Moon, the opening gala at The Modern, was as stylish and swanky as ever, the sold-out event filled with food fans and celebrity chefs.
2013.09.06 11:57 AM

Glenn Chu on Indigo's closing

Chu reflects on starting the restaurant that launched the Chinatown revival, the good days, the mistakes made and his future plans
2013.09.05 11:16 AM

The Final Stretch: The New 12th Ave Grill is Almost Ready for Opening

Part nine: wrapping up the inspections, sign permits and liquor license
2013.09.04 10:44 AM

6 gluten-free Asian noodles

Noodle Tuesday: Textures and flavors galore in Asian noodles
2013.09.03 10:01 AM

Gluten-free cake at Cake Works

Wheat-free eaters: You can have your cake and eat it too
2013.08.30 10:30 AM

Meet Russell Moore at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2013

A Q&A with the chef of Camino, Oakland's wood-fired restaurant
2013.08.29 10:28 AM
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