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Noodle Tuesday: Season's Ice and Eatery


Taiwanese beef noodle soup (left), egg and green onion bing

In my constant quest for a decent bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, I headed to Season's Ice and Eatery, a little snack shop in the Chinatown Cultural Plaza. I was the only one there in the late morning, but by the time I sat down to my bowl, 10 people had arrived, all after the same thing—beef noodle soup. The kitchen—more like a counter—at Season's is so tiny that the orders have to come out two at a time.

While I enjoyed the slippery white noodles, the soup was disappointing—a flat beef broth with little spice or heat. Two spoonfuls of chili paste help. But don't write off Season's: the egg bing is my favorite of all the Chinese flatbreads around. The thick sesame dough is rolled out to order and wrapped around scrambled eggs and chives—think of it as the Chinese version of a breakfast burrito. The beef and veggies shao bing, which almost tastes like beef noodle soup in hot pocket form, is also a winner, especially with a dunk in Season's house garlic sauce provided on every table. The owner boasts it has ten secret ingredients in it; I'm guessing in addition to garlic and chili, there's also pineapple, to give it a sweet tartness. Now if only there was all that punch and flavor in the beef noodle soup.

100 N. Beretania St., 538-1978

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